You look—

in this very specific moment in time (“now”)—at a webpage authored by someone called ‘Jan-Henning Raff’. The voice you (silently?) hear in your head is supposed to be the voice of this person (although this person might have never said/never will say these words). So let’s pretend to actually hear this person’s voice: ⟵The colon indicates the beginning of this «speech».


Delete link because it interferes with the speech (I would need to explain what this is but it is semiotics … the text). REMOVE TEXT.

I am interested in the Phenomenology of perception … (Note: this ‘I’ is not you talking to yourself; now you should really hear me. You embody me.) [Again,] I am interested in:

The Phenomenology of perception

Sounds great –

(The speaker [the ‘I’ embodied in you (it is not you) (it as if a person was ‘in’ you talking to you)] has continued but now (as you enter the next section), there is a change: the voice fades because it is very clear that the words now used are only typographic. Of course, this could still be spoken, like an announcement:)

The Phenomenology of Touch