“Die Besucher” – movie poster and website

Poster and website for the movie “Die Besucher” (Visitors). A family breaks apart.

Touchpanel design

These touchpanel interfaces have been designed for the conference room in a cruise ship. Such systems are “walk-up and use” systems, e.g. users expect to understand the interface immediately. Therefore the design focuses on visual clarity and ease of use.

Postcard and poster for “Der Krieg ist schön”

Postcard/poster for “Der Krieg ist schön”, an adaption of the movie Top Gun for the stage by Konsortium & Konsorten. It is badly designed (ten different typefaces!) in the style of a mobilisation poster. Awarded as one of the 100 best german posters in 2011 (?–!).

Research report illustrations

Research report illustrations for Technische Universität Dresden playing with the corporate design of the university.

Healthcare management platform logo

Logo for an online platform connecting the players in healthcare management in the state Saxony.

World Usability Day posters 2006–2009

Posters announcing the World Usability Day in Dresden.

History learning

Multimedia production about two german jews who emigrated into the U.S. where they joined the civil rights movement.

As this learning-DVD was intended for use in primary school ease of use was an important issue. Funded by the German Federal Center for Political Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung).

Expect Emotions flyer

Expect Emotions is a theatrical performance by Konsortium & Konsorten prior to the soccer cup 2008 in Switzerland. The red backside of the flyer was used by the audience during the performance.

DGfE conference design

The biannual conference of the German Society for Educational Sciences is the most important meeting of the german pedadogy community. The corporate design reflects its widespread mission and interprets the theme “cultures of education” both modernistic and deconstructivistic.

Poster for the play “First Life”

The play “First Life” of Konsortium & Konsorten discusses the phenomenon of Second Life in the scenery of the late 19th century with its belief in Vorsprung durch Technik.

Flyer for the play “Top Gun”

Flyer for the adaption of Top Gun for the stage by Konsortium & Konsorten. Anyone who modelled the gun got reduction on the entrance fee.

Konsortium & Konsorten manifesto illustrations

Konsortium & Konsorten is an independent theatre company. The manifesto promotes the collaboration with the company while critically referring to the precarious conditions of work of the bohème. Text by Axel Hesse.

Saxon state and university library website

Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB) is one of the largest and best endowed academic libraries in Germany. The redesign of the website in 2006 was focusing on the user-centered presentation of the library’s services. Participatory design methods and usability testing were employed. An online helper called i-Punkt (i-point) was integrated on the website. Online 2006–2011.

Accattone poster

Poster for the adaption of P. P. Pasolinis motion picture Accattone for the stage by Konsortium & Konsorten.

Interface for a virtual museum

Interface for the virtual twin of the Erich Kästner Museum in Dresden.

Muse, the weird VJ-automat

Equipped with a Macintosh Performa 630 which was triggered by a hacked mouse to display single frames Eddie O’Frame and me were entering the Berlin club scene as VJs in 1998.

With a more powerful computer I was able to program Muse, a half-automatic VJ set. I tried to make this machine behave like Jackson Pollock: Creating densely layered, expressive paintings that continously change. Performances were taking place in clubs in Berlin like Cookies, Bastard, and C-Base. Programmed in Director.

The Capital reanimated

Animations used in a multimedia performance presenting the first chapter about commodities of The Capital by Karl Marx. This has been part of my diploma thesis at Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee.